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Arden McGregor



I started working full-time in brain injury rehabilitation in 1991. I was young and eager and motivated to be the very best health care provider I could be. I soaked up everything I could find to help me build my skills and knowledge. I worked with clients all day and then I studied all evening so I would be better prepared to do my very best work the following day. I was fully immersed in brain injury rehab – and not much has changed since then.

I’ll never forget the day, 26 years ago, that I met world-renowned neuropsychologist, Dr. George Prigatano. I was fortunate enough to spend an entire day learning from him. At the end of that day, Dr. Prigatano said, “Look around the room. There are no ‘old therapists’ in brain injury rehabilitation.” At the time, he explained that this field was still very new and was fraught with many uncertainties, making it an undesirable career choice for many. He challenged me, saying that I could be a pioneer in the field, but that along with the rewards, a career in brain injury rehab would also be a challenge. To be successful long-term, I would have to truly love my work and be internally driven to stick it out. I decided right then and there that I wanted to stay the course and become an “old therapist” in brain injury rehab. And now, 26 years later, it looks like I’m well on my way to achieving that goal!

Even more important than becoming an “old therapist” and standing the test of time, is being someone who makes a difference in the lives of the people I serve. There’s nothing like coming home at the end of the day knowing that I’ve helped someone take another step forward in their journey through rehabilitation and recovery.

After my first decade in brain injury rehab, I took a chance, followed my dream, and founded Brainworks. I am so blessed to work with like-minded professionals who strive for clinical excellence and champion the “client first” approach. I love working with my team – they make me so much better at what I do. I love being a psychologist, supporting and helping clients move forward in their rehabilitation.

I make it a priority to connect with the community spearheading creative brain injury awareness campaigns, providing helmets for kids, and speaking to groups of clients, family members and professionals about brain injury rehabilitation. It is my continuing mission to get the word out about brain injuries and how to prevent them; and also, that there is life after brain injury.

My entire career continues to be dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people who have been affected by brain injury. I am surrounded by a team, a family, which has supported me in my quest to become not only an “old” therapist, but an effective one as well. I am humbled and honoured to be considered for Health Care Provider of the Year. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who nominated me, those who have supported me, those who have journeyed alongside, and those who have entrusted me to support them in their own rehabilitation.

Details about my work and training, and even some of the adventures I’ve had along the way can be found online at:


  • Kim McDonald-Taylor says:


  • Barb Butler, President - Brain Injury Canada says:

    I am writing you this in support for Arden McGregor from two perspectives, one being as the President and Conference Chair of Brain Injury Canada, and the other, the more importantly perspective, I believe, is as a survivor.

    Arden has shared her time and talents as a speaker multiple times at Brain Injury Canada conferences. She is very knowledgeable and has been very capably tailored her presentations to our diverse audiences of professionals, caregivers, and survivors. Her willingness to give of herself I think more that qualifies her to receive this award. However I would like to share my survivor’s thoughts on Arden.
    I am a survivor of twenty-four years and throughout that time have worked to make the lives of survivors better. I am more than capable at what I do but the label survivor goes with me. Some people cannot see past that or treat me with a condescending attitude. Arden is one that can. In working with her I felt respected and valued. I have watched her interact with survivors over the years and her ability to see beyond the injury is evident. Her caring and concern is genuine, you can tell it comes from her soul. Her gift is to find strengths in people and help them build on that.

    I encourage you to recognize Arden as The Caregiver of the Year.

    Thank you.

  • Karin Terziano, Deputy Mayor, Town of Huntsville says:

    I am pleased to offer my support to Arden McGregor and her nomination for the Excellence Award from the Ontario Brain Injury Association and the PIA Law in the category of Health Care Provider of the Year.

    Ms. McGregor and her company, Brainworks, has become an asset to Huntsville and area and has also become a vital partner in the betterment of our community. Ms. McGregor’s efforts including her involvement in our local bike rodeos helmet fittings at schools, working to educate the community about preventing Brain Injury as well as involvement in “giving campaigns” every June in honour of Brain Injury Awareness Month are some of the examples of Ms. McGregor’s dedication to the community and her profession.

    Huntsville is most certainly privileged to have a health care provider with such an incredible reputation in Huntsville. Ms. McGregor is a testament to the fact that small, northern towns such as ours have the highest quality of healthcare.

    I wholeheartedly support the efforts Arden McGregor and her nomination for the Excellence Award in the category of Health Care Provider of the Year.

  • Mayor Matt Brown, The City of London says:

    It is my pleasure to write this letter of support for Arden McGregor for the 2017 Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

    Arden is known as “the compassionate care giver” by her clients, and her attitude toward her work is felt throughout Brainworks, the company she founded in 2003. She has received a number of awards, including the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in 2014, and was named the Ontario Brain Injury Association’s Professional of the Year in the same year.

    Her reputation reaches beyond her clinic, though. She is known throughout her community having supported a number of initiatives such as helmet fittings, sponsoring brain injury associations and local sports teams, leading brain injury support groups and much more.

    Once again, it is my pleasure to support Arden’s nomination for this award. This recognition would be well-deserved for her years of dedication to those suffering from brain injuries and devotion to her community.

  • Kike Onuoha, Social Worker says:

    Working with individuals who have experienced a MVC, are continuously dealing with tremendous challenges in their lives. As a Social Worker with Brainworks, building rapport and trust is extremely vital in their recovery and rehabilitation. Finding ways to build rapport can be difficult! Being able to think outside of the box, while having the support and encouragement from my direct supervisor Arden McGregor; has allowed me and all of the staff to be ourselves and provide exceptional costumer service to individuals who are need of support, encouragement, and most importantly understanding.
    Brainworks as an organization, provides an environment that is always welcoming, warm, exceptional communication, and great support. This has been a culture Arden has envisioned and fostered since the inception of Brainworks and continues to this day. Arden is a great leader who continues to provide guidance, direction, and her time to everyone in our organization. Arden’ heart and soul is Brainworks and it is evident in all who choose to work in this organization.

  • Rosanne Kennedy, Teacher, Toronto District School Board says:

    Please let this letter serve as an endorsement for Arden McGregor to receive the 2017 Health Care Provider of the Year Award.  I know Arden personally.  I have benefitted from her generosity in the past when she donated a Casey book and toy for a special needs student in my classroom.  I thought that was going to be the only instance when our professional lives would meet.  I was wrong.

    You see, on March 29th of this year, I was on yard duty at work and sustained an injury from a basketball in the playground.  I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.  Then several weeks later I was diagnosed Post Concussion Syndrome……then several months later I was diagnosed with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI).  I am still off work and am dealing with many symptoms from my injury.

    I have contacted Arden many times during the past five months to ask advice or relay concerns and she has always been available to support and encourage me through my ongoing recovery.  She is not my health care provider – she doesn’t benefit in any way from taking the time to talk to me.  But she does.  Willingly.  And I have benefitted greatly from those conversations.  Whether it is easing my mind about a situation or asking advice on how to proceed with timelines, it has been so incredibly beneficial to me to have another person in the field to speak to, who actually knows what I am dealing with.

    It is for all of these reasons that I believe Arden McGregor is so deserving of this award.  If she takes the time and energy from her busy day to talk to me, with no benefit to herself….I can say with conviction that her clients are in the best hands possible.

    She is the best possible candidate for this prestigious award.

  • Lori St. Louis, Social Worker/Rehabilitation Consultant says:

    It is my pleasure to fully and highly endorse Ms. Arden McGregor, Psychologist for the Health Care Provider of the Year Award of Excellence from the Ontario Brain Injury Association. I believe Arden is a very deserving recipient of this award. I have worked with Arden in my capacity of Case Manager/Social Worker since 2013.

    Firstly, Arden possesses a unique perspective in her life that undergirds her clinical practice. Her primary goal is to make a difference in her clients’ lives. She wishes to empower and enable her clients to attain their goals and move forward with hope. She places her clients first. She closely collaborates with multiple professionals and resources in order to ensure that the client’s goals and choices are supported and achieved. Arden engages in a client-centred approach to her clinical work that has led to visible and tangible benefits to her clients. From a clinical perspective, Arden possesses numerous attributes and unique skills that set her apart from many of her colleagues in the field of mental health and rehabilitation recovery post-traumatic brain injury.

    Secondly, Arden understands the realities of a complex life and difficult life situations for individuals who have experienced significant loss post accident. As such, it has been my observation that she has, quite often, stretched herself to accommodate clients in underserviced areas, she works long hours and even at odd hours in order to provide the appropriate quality of service to her clients. Arden supports complex clients who require special and unique programming and support to maximize their recovery. Without prejudice, and despite sometimes taking additional time and effort, Arden will consistently engage in her clinical work with integrity. For example, I recently contacted Arden about helping a very under serviced area where clients had not been able to receive psychological supports for several months. Arden is now scheduled to support clients in that area.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, Arden is approachable and relatable. These two qualities are hallmarks of every relationship she establishes. Her warmth and empathy quickly draw even distant clients into a strong therapeutic relationship, which is so necessary if goal attainment is to occur. In other words, clients like Arden, they trust Arden, and they are even willing to receive corrective or constructive feedback, when necessary.

    Lastly, it must be noted that Arden’s life exemplifies balance. As much as she works very diligently with her clients, and while she always takes time to support and collaborate with other clinicians, Arden also takes time for herself. She sets herself boundaries and stays within them. In this manner, Arden maintains a balance between her work, and the need to take care of herself and maintain other roles in her life. Few “in demand” clinicians carry out these very basic life principles that they emphasize to others. In contrast, Arden leads by example.

    I cannot think of a professional more deserving of the Awards of Excellence for Health Care Provider of the Year.

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